UKOUG Tech17

Next week I will attend the UKOUG conference in Birmingham, UK for the first time. It will be my first time to attend this conference and also in UK. I have a 115 minute (masterclass) presentation regarding “Parallel Execution With Oracle Database 12c”. The presentation starts at 11:35 on Monday, December 4. I will touch various areas where parallel execution can be used. I expect interesting discussion and looking forward seeing you at the conference.

This is my planned agenda for the talk:

  • Parallel execution basics
  • Parallel execution administration
  • Distribution methods (including bloom filters)
  • Auto DoP
  • In-memory parallel execution
  • Blocking and non-blocking operations
  • Tracing parallel execution


More about the presentation abstract you can find here.

Also, there will be quite a few people attending the conference from Pythian. You can find more details of other Pythian sessions at


See you next week.

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